About The Book

58 little things that have a BIG impact: What's Your MicroTrigger®? is your guide to the subtle behaviors that can derail relationships at work. Simple words, small behaviors, even body language - intentionally or not - can have significant meaning to individuals or groups, causing them to lose productivity, disengage or even quit.

For more than five years Janet Crenshaw Smith and her team have listened to thousands of people describe their MicroTriggers, why they matter and how it impacts them. Whether you are a manager or an individual contributor, understanding these 58 MicroTriggers can help you to answer such critical questions as:

  • Which simple phrases are most offensive to me, women, people of color, different generations and my other colleagues?
  • How should I react if my boss "triggers" me?
  • What should I do if I observe a MicroTrigger-ing situation between my colleagues?
  • What should I do when I realize that I have "triggered" one of my employees?

The book lists 58 MicroTriggers. It describes the roles and responsibilities of the three players in a MicroTrigger-ing situation - Sender, Receiver and Observer, and provides advice to help the reader explore his or her own MicroTriggers, as well as those of others. Readers learn to predict and therefore avoid the MicroTriggers of their coworkers and customer


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