'm delighted to report that Profiles in Diversity Journal has launched a new column called MicroTrigger Stories. These stories submitted by you, our readers, provide real-life insights into the subtle behaviors that can derail relationships at work and play. Inspired by our book, people share the experiences of trying to make inclusion work. Whether it's an annoying phrase - such as “Great Job Kid” or a damaging micro-inequity such as always questioning your qualifications – telling your story could help all of us in our diversity journey.

These stories come from the viewpoint of the person who was actually triggered (receiver), someone who witnessed a situation (observer), or the person who uttered the phrase or hit someone's hot button (sender). They tell what happened, and the lessons learned from these experiences.

Interested in reading more MicroTrigger® Stories?! Read current submissions in the bi-monthly publication, Profiles in Diversity Magazine.  

We often find ourselves tilting our head, squinting our eyes, and wondering "What did that mean?" in response to interactions with others. And most of the time we don't say anything at all -- but that doesn't mean we're not profoundly bothered by it. In fact, when our hot buttons are pushed day after day, the cumulative effect almost ensures a negative effect on our performance and self esteem. Here's an opportunity to share your stories -- and find that you're not alone. You might find yourself saying -- "Oh no, I do that all the time and never knew I might be offending someone." or even, "It's good to know that I'm not the only one that this happens to." We hope that by sharing these stories, we'll be improving your daily interactions – one trigger at a time!