Microtrigger Workshops

For big or small groups.


hese highly interactive workshops are designed for the organization that seeks to have an inclusive workplace where everyone has an opportunity to fully participate in creating business success and where each person is valued for his or her distinctive skills, experiences and perspectives. Participants learn how to achieve an inclusive work environment. They also learn their personal MicroTriggers and those of others– subtle behaviors, annoying phrases, and micro-inequities that cause us to disengage – the factors that influence their intensity, and the skills to drive individual and group performance.

Workshop Objectives

  • Define inclusion, what it is, and why it matters
  • Understand the impact of MicroTriggers, those subtle behaviors that impact individual, team and business performance; and how cultural differences impact the sender, receiver and observer of the MicroTrigger
  • Recognize each individual’s responsibility associated with creating an inclusive environment
  • Identify strategies to develop and maintain an inclusive environment


Ivy will conduct conference calls and/or meetings with your project team to understand and clarify objectives, desired outcomes and organizational dynamics. We will then customize the workshop to address your individual needs

For additional information contact us at (301) 963-1669 or email tsmith@ivygroupllc.com


From recent workshop participants:


“The chance for open communication with participants was valuable.”


“I enjoyed the exercises and strong dialogue among attendees.”


“Understanding that I exhibit  subtle behaviors that trigger others was eye opening.”


“Giving us the words to describe this has already helped our team!”